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A support group for people who have recently received a doctor's diagnosis of a condition Medical Marijuana has been known to help and are seeking more information -- Or for those whose families have been victimized by the "War on SOME Drugs" through raid, arrest or harrassment for marijuana, or other choices concerning one's own private, personal or medical preferences.

For our purposes, a "CompassionateMom" is gender neutral. Anyone who cares for or loves another person qualifies.

CompassionateMoms, like angels, come in many forms.

Our mission, in emulation of the Native American grandmothers, is to preserve and protect the life and welfare of the earth, and all who live upon it by utilizing the gentlest medicines for the body and most protective medicines for the environment. We seek alternatives to harsh synthetic chemicals, depletion of our limited natural resouces, and to avert the harm being done to ourselves and our planet by the resulting pollutants.

We advocate Harm Reduction, not oppression. Honesty and candor over lies and propaganda. Real life experience over carefully packaged hype. Love, compassion and support over punishment, estrangement or authoritarianism.

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The CompassionateMom email discussion list was started on November 14, 1999 by Ann McCormick - mother of Todd McCormick who is the author of How To Grow Medicine

Starting as a groupsyahoo email list, it has now been moved to the DrugSense list server. This has been done at the request of Ann in an effort to make the list more user friendly by placing it in the hands of an experienced organization which works in the drug policy reform area and already has many dozens of email lists with over 26 thousand members.

Growing concerns about the number of ads as well as other list problems prompted the move; however, we do appreciate the support provided by Yahoo over the years.

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To protect list member's privacy, this list is not archived. The list server is also not in the United States. However, today the United States government believes it has the right to examine and review email, so you are advised to not place in an email message anything you would not want government agents to read.

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As this message is being written a new CompassionateMoms website is being created at Ann's request by Jo-D Harrison A new password protected threaded discussion board is also being created for CompassionateMoms. Please watch for details on the list.

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Richard Lake
Acting Listmaster