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// hint-variables.scss
// Declares some variables used within the library.
// Prefix for all classes. By default, BEM naming convention is used
$hintPrefix: 'hint--' !default;
// font size
$hintFontSize: 12px !default;
// default font family
$hintFontFamily: 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif !default;
// paddings
$hintVerticalPadding: 8px !default;
$hintHorizontalPadding: 10px !default;
// default tooltip height
$hintTooltipHeight: $hintFontSize + 2 * $hintVerticalPadding !default;
// border-width for tooltip arrow
$hintArrowBorderWidth: 6px !default;
// horizontal arrow offset
$hintArrowOffsetX: 2 * $hintArrowBorderWidth !default;
// text-shadow darken percentage
$hintTextShadowDarkenAmount: 25% !default;
// transition distance
$hintTransitionDistance: 8px !default;
// Transition Duration
$hintTransitionDuration: 0.3s !default;
// Delay in showing the tooltips.
$hintShowDelay: 100ms !default;
// Delay in hiding the tooltips.
$hintHideDelay: 0ms !default;
// z-index for tooltips
$hintZIndex: 1000000 !default;
// Size options
$hintSizeSmall: 80px !default;
$hintSizeMedium: 150px !default;
$hintSizeLarge: 300px !default;
// Various colors
// Default color is blackish
$hintDefaultColor: hsl(0, 0%, 22%) !default;
// Error color
$hintErrorColor: hsl(1, 40%, 50%) !default;
// Warning color
$hintWarningColor: hsl(38, 46%, 54%) !default;
// Info Color
$hintInfoColor: hsl(200, 50%, 45%) !default;
// Success Color
$hintSuccessColor: hsl(121, 32%, 40%) !default;