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Hint is written in SASS.


  1. Fork Hint.css and clone it on your system.
  2. Create a new branch out off master for your fix/feature. git checkout new-feature master


Hint.css uses Grunt for the build process which you need to have installed on your system.

Also there are four additional Grunt tasks required to build the library:

  1. grunt-contrib-cssmin

  2. grunt-contrib-sass

  3. grunt-contrib-concat

  4. grunt-contrib-watch

To install all the dependencies, run npm install.

Once you have the dependencies installed, run grunt from the project directory. This will run the default grunt task which compiles the SCSS files into hint.css file.

Though this should be sufficient for building the library for testing, in case you want to build the minified version as well you can run the grunt deploy command instead.

#Things to remember

  • Do not fix multiple issues in a single commit. Keep them one thing per commit so that they can be picked easily incase only few commits require to be merged.

  • For every new modifier (example hint--success, hint--top) added, make a separate file unless it fits into a current modifier file.

  • Before submitting a patch, rebase your branch on upstream master to make life easier for the merger.

  • DO NOT add the library builds (hint.css & hint.min.css) in your commits.

#Stay in touch

To catch all updates and discussion, join the mailing list:

To subscribe: or visit here.